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We offer business telecommunication solutions including voice over IP technology, structured cabling and wireless Internet setup.

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  • Speed up response times
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  • Free workers from managing communications details so they can focus elsewhere.

IP Telephony, IP PBX & Key Systems

Communications by Design (CBD), engineers and designs solutions for IP PBX, IP Telephony and hybrid key systems from industry leading manufacturers. These systems provide complex voice applications that are integrated into a company’s data network, providing solid architecture that enhances productivity and significant cost savings over traditional telephone communications.

Hybrid key telephone systems are typically equipped with several buttons which coordinate the answering and transferring of incoming calls through different lines. Key systems can offer essentially every basic communication feature a company with a few dozen employees would need, including: hold buttons, speakerphone, paging, intercom and memory dialing.

For larger businesses that require more versatility, IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) systems have become the standard choice.  Because these technologies deliver voice communications and media sessions across the internet rather than just phone lines, they allow for far more versatility. Companies can conduct large conference calls between multiple locations and reach individuals anywhere there is internet connection, all while saving on operation costs.


Data and Voice CablingWe also specialize in the design and installation of structured cabling systems. From data cabling to voice, CAT 5, CAT 6, and fiber cabling, we do it all. While wireless information transfer speeds are at an all-time high, nothing can compete with the reliability and speed of fiber cables. When installed correctly, these cables rarely encounter issues. However, if they do, proper organization and labeling can make for easy troubleshooting. No matter how large or small the job, Communications By Design has the expertise to get it done right. We serve a variety of industries including government, legal, healthcare and hospitality entities, so call today!

WIFI/Wireless Internet

Integrating both wired and wireless networks for voice and data solutions provides many customers with the mobility and simplicity they need in their businesses. Communications by Design has consistent and reliable products and solutions to provide a complete wired and wireless campus, with unified administration, for single locations or in a multiple city deployment, with both voice wireless technologies and LAN/WAN wireless technologies.

Voice & Data Networks

Communications By Design offers products and solutions in voice and data networking technology from leading vendors such as Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft. With full installation and implementation capabilities, Communications by Design offers a complete solution with the simplicity of having a one-point-of-contact for all of your voice and data networking systems.

Messaging and Unified Messaging

From Automated Attendant software, to multi-location unified voice mail to unified voice, fax, and e-mail messaging, Communications by Design has the design expertise to deliver a messaging solution that fits the needs of any organization. Everything from email, SMS, fax, voicemail and even video messaging can be transmitted and stored through a single interface which is accessible from a wide array of devices. It’s never been easier to remain up-to-date and in contact with employees and customers alike with a Unified Messaging system.

Call Accounting and Call Management Systems

The devices that enable your employees, customers and partners to contact each other can differentiate your business in many ways. The newest technologies in call accounting and call management can simplify operations and increase agent productivity, which can significantly affect the bottom line for many companies.

In order to determine what aspects of a company’s workflow could be improved, one must have a record of quantifiable results. Call accounting and management systems can provide this information by capturing and recording inbound and outbound calls. The data collected can provide (insight) into the cost analysis of phone calls as well as employee productivity.

Carrier Network Services

Communications by Design offers the expertise to plan, design, propose and manage the network services and bandwidth to enable the IP Telephony solutions for today and for tomorrow. Our team of professionals work with the local Telco to make sure your site is ready and you have the best pricing for high speed network access to one or many locations.

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